Producing since the age of 12,

KINO has spent the last 9 years building his sound. The Toronto-based producer’s take on music spans from ambient hip-hop to more upbeat vocal-based pop and R&B tracks. With his tracks featured on Complex, HillyDilly and ohestee to name a few, his music has been able to reach ears around the world.

In addition to music, KINO has been live streaming his production sessions on Twitch since June 2016. This has created a bridge between his listeners and his music – giving them the opportunity to influence what he creates by suggesting ideas of their own. Being able to interact with his listeners in this way has given him the ability to explore different sounds and create music that evokes emotion and tells a story.

Promoted on:

• OneChilledPanda
107.3 BASE FM (Auckland, NZ)
• 96.9 ALL FM (Manchester, England)
• First-Ear Radio (Episode 38)

KINO’s music can be found on nearly
all major music services including:


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Are you a vocalist in need of instrumentals for an upcoming album? Looking to add music to your new film? Do you have any questions about my music? Curious as to how you can use it? Great! This is the place to handle all of that and more. Just fill out that nifty little form below and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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