I present to you my new EP, HER.

This is a collection of pieces I’ve been working on over the past 6 months. The piece is a tribute to my wonderful girlfriend and how big of a role she plays in my life. We are in a long distance relationship and we met for the first time this past Friday. I took a trip out to see her and stay with her for 6 days. I’m currently watching her straighten her long and luscious hair.

She means the world to me. She inspires me every day to make strides of improvement in my life and to continue producing such emotionally inspiring music. She is my rock and these past few days of physically being in her presence has proven to me why she’s such an important part of my life. She has so much love in her heart, both for me and everyone else around her and it brightens my life up to see just how much she cares about me. Seeing how willing she is to be with me and continue to love me even when I am admittedly, at times, hard to love.

I love her just as much as I love making music, they both share an equal portion of my heart. We met WHILE I was live streaming myself making music on Twitch and every day since has been wonderful. We never started talking with any intention of being together back in May of last year, we were friends for a long time, just actively involving each other in our lives and then one day we both noticed a spark. Admittedly, the people around us teased us about us having a spark way before we felt we did, but we brushed it off for a long time until we realized it ourselves. We went through some rough patches together while we tried to find ourselves but it was all worth it in the end, because now we’re here. We’re the happiest we could be and we both still can’t process how it all went down.

A little over a year ago, I didn’t know her. Now I don’t want to go one more day of my life without HER.

Live bass on ‘Good Morning’ played by Curtis Courtemanche.

Art by RubleTrillions: