It hurts to look out the window and see the sun shining while you struggle to find the same vibrant tone as the sun in your life.

Missing someone starts with your mind wandering. Lingering Thoughts of them cloud your days and you can’t seem to shake the feeling off. Missing someone hurts. It hurts you mentally and you feel numb physically.

You want to do so much to counteract that feeling and be assured that they feel your absence as much as you feel theirs. This isn’t always the case though, and this is where these tracks come in to let you know that I, as well as many others, know exactly what you’re feeling right now.

You want to call that person so bad and just show to them that you appreciate them in your life, but how can they understand that if they don’t appreciate you in their life? You call either way. Nothing. Voicemail. You’re at a dead end. You keep listening to the now ominous sounding automated voice messages, hoping that maybe, just maybe, they’ll pick up the phone and you can hear them smile through the phone. It doesn’t happen. You quickly think of what kind of message to leave for them. You sit there and wait for them to call you back. You know it won’t happen.

You give up. You know you’ll try to call them again later, though.