This piece is about missing someone you love who’s no longer yours. Seeing them in your dreams is a blessing and a curse. You can’t get enough of their eyes, their smile and every bit of beauty they have surrounding them. Seeing them makes you happy – until you wake up. Reality reminds you that they’re no longer there. It slowly hits you that the person you once spent months on end getting to know and growing to love is gone.

Thoughts of them become the only escape that will keep your heart content, and when those thoughts go away, maybe you’ll truly be able to move on. But what if they never do go away?
What if you’re meant to think about this person for the rest of your life?


I sleep to escape thinking of you all the time,
but I stay awake to escape dreaming of you all the time.
And yet through all the escaping,
my thoughts still end up running to you,
staying with you and growing with you.

I try to not make everything about you,
but my heart doesn’t accept that limitation
because in there, everything is still you.
You are the first person I worry about when I wake up
and you are the last person I have on my mind before my eyes shut.

And that’s when I see you in my dreams.
We’re happy.
We’re laying there admiring each other.
We want to be something more when we’re there.
We can’t even speak a word to each other when we’re awake,
but when we dream, we speak in a language that can’t be transcribed.
We don’t even have to say a word when we’re laying there.
Your glance, your lips and your smile say it all.

But in the end,
none of this changes the fact that when I wake up,
I feel like I can’t say a word to you.

Because in my dreams, I’m living with you,
but in reality, you’re threatening to move out.


  • Release dateFebruary 18, 2017