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this song is about growth, distance and missing someone close to you. the piano melody was made as i looked back on the past year - the places i went, the people i saw, the general nostalgia of a good year. it was the start of my relationship, which happens to be long-distance, the track's artwork is indicative of that, as we take trains back and forth to see each other. the way he's sitting in the picture and how he seems deep in thought, it reminded me of how i am every time i have to leave her place to come back home, it sucks. it was the convention i went to in long beach, california, it was finding myself more, finding what i loved more, and focusing more time and energy into that.

through it all, i learned a lot about what life is, what life means, and this track was me pondering on all of that. i love my girlfriend, i love my family and i love my friends - but through finding myself more, i've learned that i can also love myself more than i did in the past. that's not a bad thing like i previously thought. i thought loving myself more than others meant i was being selfish and taking love that they deserve from me away from them, but that's not the case. i need to love myself more for myself, because i know they'd want me to and because i want to grow myself so i can then grow with them. ♥

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